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          Now, the rolling shutter door is widely used in the current equipment. Rolling shutter door is now used in the front door and the garage door. The rolling shutter door is very effective and convenient to use. With the emergence of electric rolling shutter door, the use experience of rolling shutter door has reached a new height. Let's have a detailed understanding of it Jinan rolling door bar.
          Jinan rolling shutter door
          Jinan roller shutter door is mainly composed of curtain plate, guide rail and transmission device. When the rolling shutter door is opened, it does not occupy the indoor and outdoor areas, and is suitable for large openings that are not often opened. The width of the rolling shutter door should adapt to the rigidity of the curtain plate, and the requirements for its processing, manufacturing and installation are relatively high.
          There are two main forms of curtain plate, namely, bladed plate and blank format, among which bladed plate is widely used. The leaf curtain plate is made of galvanized steel plate or aluminum alloy plate. These pages are riveted together. In order to strengthen the rigidity of the rolling shutter door and facilitate the installation of the door lock, steel plate and angle steel are used at the lower part of the leaf plate, and the upper part of the leaf plate is connected with the roller. When opening, the sheet board rises along the guide rails on both sides of the door opening and winds on the reel.
          The transmission device of rolling shutter door is installed on the upper part of the door opening, which is divided into manual, chain, rocker and electric four kinds. The transmission device of manual rolling shutter door includes roller, bracket, spring bearing, etc. It uses spring bearings to balance the weight of the door leaf, so the door should not be too large. At both ends of the bottom reinforcement, pins are inserted into the side rails to secure the door.
          Jinan roller shutter door is driven by chain and several gears with different diameters to reduce the switch weight. Rocker roller shutter door uses rocker and bevel gear to change the transmission direction, which is convenient for opening and closing. It is often used to open and close the empty shutter door, which is more economical than the electric shutter door. The motor of electric rolling shutter door is mostly installed on the upper part, exposed or installed on the wall. The reducer can be separated from the motor or designed as a whole. The transmission device of electric rolling shutter door includes drum, supporting wheel, motor, reducer, etc. The reducer shall be equipped with manual device to open and close the rolling shutter door in case of power failure.