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          發布人:http://www.bj-dcpj.com    發布時間:2021-03-11 17:27:45

          In the purchase of Jinan roller shutter door, we first want to see the advantages of roller shutter door, the use of roller shutter door is very wide, almost can cover all the outdoor door installation we can think of.
          The wide application of rolling shutter door has shown its practicability and universality. At the same time, it also concisely explains its recognition. Roller shutter doors are widely used in the city's commercial, residential, office, high-end residential, villa, shop doors and other stalls.
          1. Comparison of appearance: the appearance of rolling shutter door can choose different materials and different types. Rolling shutter door gives us a wide and bright building with good transparent effect and harmonious appearance.
          2. Specific performance: rolling door has three major performances: wind pressure resistance, water tightness and air tightness. According to the different performance of roller shutter door, we can choose different roller shutter door for installation and use. Due to the firmness of the rolling shutter door, the anti-theft performance is also very good. The use of roller shutter doors in our market shows all of these. The advantages of roller shutter doors are compared with aluminum alloy and ordinary roller shutter doors.
          3. Function comparison: the function of rolling door is also more humanized. Rolling door is used to achieve the effect of opening and closing by rolling up and down. At the same time, electric switch can be used, which is more convenient and fast. In use, we can free our hands, so that our use of these products will become more lightweight, these changes of rolling doors are also in line with the development of our times.
          4. Comparison process: in the production process, Jinan roller shutter door adopts the principle of joint application, which is assembled from different parts, so the convenience and reliability are very high.