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          發布人:http://www.bj-dcpj.com    發布時間:2021-04-07 14:28:31

          Sometimes our rolling shutter garage door has been used for a long time, so it is inevitable that we need to replace some accessories. How can we buy the right accessories? The rolling shutter manufacturer will introduce some precautions for purchasing:
          1. Handle: for casement windows. The main function is to press the casement on the window frame when the casement is closed, so as to achieve the function of sealing. In the purchase should pay attention to the observation of smooth surface, no burr, hand weight, coating surface can be uniform.
          2. Sliding support: a device that supports the opening, closing and positioning of the casement. It is better to choose stainless steel material when purchasing. There should be no scratch, sharp edge, burr and other defects on the surface. When the sliding support is opened and closed, there should be a little resistance.
          3. Hinge: used for flat open electric rolling shutter door. When purchasing, you can observe the hinge material, which is made of iron plated copper, stainless steel, aluminum alloy extrusion material, etc. do not choose zinc alloy casting hinge.
          4. Pulley: bear the weight of each push-pull electric rolling shutter door, and move horizontally. When purchasing, pay attention to the material of pulley frame and whether the pulley adopts needle roller bearing or ball bearing. For the pulley used for sliding door, heavy-duty door pulley shall be selected, and the pulley for sliding window shall not be used instead.
          5. Hinge: the Trident hinge with the characteristics of high strength, strong load-bearing capacity, convenient disassembly, flexible opening and closing, and noise elimination is suitable.
          6. Half moon lock: most of them are hook locks between fans. It should be made of stainless steel or aluminum alloy.
          7. Sealing strip: because the combination of door and door plate is the hard collision between the plates, the instant noise of closing the door is as high as 120 dB, which seriously affects the physical and mental health. High strength sealing strip is adopted, which does not react with the paint and ensures the smoothness of the contact paint surface. And it also has shock absorption, silencing, sealing, sound insulation, moisture-proof and other characteristics.
          The above seven points are about the selection of maintenance accessories introduced by Jinan rolling shutter door manufacturers. Do you understand? I hope the points mentioned are helpful for you to choose accessories. If you want to know more about rolling shutter door and garage door, you are welcome to consult.