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          發布人:http://www.bj-dcpj.com    發布時間:2021-09-17 11:57:37

          選擇車庫門時,需要根據自己的情況來選擇。購買時,請注意您的打開方式?,F在市場上車庫門的種類很多,而且它們的開啟方式也不盡相同,所以在選擇時一定要考慮到這些因素。關鍵是選擇符合安 全標準的產品。那么我們應該如何選擇才能滿足自己的需求呢?
          When choosing the garage door, you need to choose according to your own situation. Please pay attention to your opening method when purchasing. Now there are many kinds of garage doors in the market, and their opening methods are different, so these factors must be taken into account when choosing. The key is to select products that meet safety standards. So how should we choose to meet our needs?
          1. Select appropriate opening mode: multiple opening modes can be selected. Motion detector, photoelectric radiation eye, induction coil, etc. They all open the door automatically when the vehicle approaches. Pay attention to adjusting the speed of forklifts and pedestrians. In case of traffic jam at the entrance and exit, if there are passing vehicles and pedestrians, the correct opening method is to control the direction of vehicle entry and exit and the speed limit of vehicle.
          At present, most garage doors should have protection function, good sealing performance, anti rebound function, manual opening function, anti prying function, alarm function, etc., so that when you use them, you can pay attention to whether these basic functions are purchased, which is convenient for future use and improve the use effect.
          2、在濟南選擇合適的車庫門:我確信所有的車庫門規都符合安 全標準,配置審查完全符合實際應用的需要。選擇正確的澆口速度可以提高工作效率并減少維護。如有必要,可以選擇足夠大的窗戶,以便叉車司機可以清楚地看到門另一側的情況。
          2. Choose the right garage door in Jinan: I am sure that all garage door specifications meet the safety standards, and the configuration review fully meets the needs of practical application. Choosing the correct gate speed can improve work efficiency and reduce maintenance. If necessary, large enough windows can be selected so that the forklift driver can clearly see the situation on the other side of the door.
          When a sealing strip is required to cut the air conditioning environment, select an effective and complete sealing type. There is a door frame around the garage door, which has good performance. The function of the door frame is to adjust the construction error of the garage, adjust the garage to be completely horizontal and vertical, reduce the friction with the guide rail during use, reduce noise, prolong the service life of the garage door and improve the service effect.
          These are the two main factors to consider when purchasing garage doors. When choosing these two points, we should not only pay attention to the quality and standard of the garage door itself, but also choose the one that meets the standard. A garage door suitable for your own use can improve the use efficiency to a certain extent. Second, you may need to focus on selecting quality. Quality problems directly affect the future use of the product and need to be carefully selected.