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          With the development of science and technology, our living standards are also improving day by day, and the garage door is gradually recognized by us. How much do you know about it? And what details should we pay attention to when installing the garage door socket? Let's have a look with Xiaobian. The following is about the introduction of "notes and related knowledge when installing power socket in garage door".
          [introduction to basic knowledge of garage door]
          1. For self preliminary understanding and maintenance, we should first understand the service status of the garage door when the fault occurs and the previous maintenance status, and understand the detailed fault phenomenon and the software and hardware environment when the fault occurs. In addition, before the garage door is repaired, we should also understand the software and hardware configuration and service life of the garage door, so as to achieve a targeted goal
          2. Check the external parts of the garage door power supply department, especially some switches and sockets outside the machine for open circuit and short circuit. Don't think these are unimportant small parts. Practice has proved that many users' garage door faults arise from this. When confirming that the external parts are normal, carry out other tests
          3. After confirming the cause of the fault, contact the professional garage door manufacturer or garage door personnel to deal with it. Unlike other household equipment, the garage door must be repaired by excellent professional technicians. The owner should not try to repair it by himself, which will cause secondary damage to the garage door, Bring higher maintenance cost to your garage door maintenance. After maintenance, commissioning and delivery, after maintenance by maintenance personnel, an overall commissioning and trial process will be carried out for your garage door, which will be accepted in the presence of the owner and delivered for use.
          [precautions for installation position of power socket of garage door]
          The electric garage door needs electricity. Where the power socket is installed, the garage door manufacturer is only a small problem. Many users, including real estate developers, do not necessarily consider the problem when installing the power supply. After the electric garage door is installed, it is found that the power supply position is wrong and then changed, resulting in unnecessary waste.
          The outgoing line of the motor of the electric garage door is generally about 1.5m. Where the power supply is installed depends on what kind of electric garage door is installed. The motor of the flap garage door is in the middle of the garage and where the power supply is in the back. It depends on the height of the door opening. Generally, adding one meter to the height of the door opening should be about the same. For example, the door opening is 2.5m high, Then the power supply can be installed 3.5m behind the middle of the door opening.
          If the rolling shutter garage door is to be installed, the power socket shall be installed above either side of the door opening, about one meter away from the door opening.
          The power of garage door motor generally ranges from 80W to 500W, so the power line can be according to the standard of 2.5.
          The above introduction about "Introduction to the basic knowledge of garage door" and "precautions for the installation position of power socket of garage door" hope to help you understand "the key points for attention when installing power socket in garage door and the description of relevant knowledge".